Transformer Testing

In order to boost the performance, efficacy and life of a transformer, it is necessary to find out possible faults before it becomes a problem. Regular inspection and proper maintenance can allow one to find out any faults in transformer at the right time. Transformer testing is done to find out the differences in resistance between opens and windings in the connections ensuring that each and every circuit of the transformer wired properly. If you monitor transformer closely, then find four major faults are usually experienced in it like arching, low energy sparking, localized overheating and general overheating because of lack of cooling. Some of testing like winding resistance measurement, temperature rise tests, vector group and polarity transformer ratio test and magnetic balance test are required for reliability of the transformer.

We, at SN Power, keep all the major points in mind while performing transformer testing. With our qualified engineers and technocrats, we always aim to enhance the life and performance of transformer with high quality testing solutions ensuring to boost IR (Insulation Resistance) value. From industrial plants to municipal power stations, we strive to provide best testing solutions as a part of our Electrical Testing and Maintenance services. To provide prompt service and solutions, we are available 24x7 for transformer testing, maintenance and repair.

Apart from fixing the faults in transformer, we mainly aim to reduce the unnecessary expenses on repairs or replacements by addressing the deep cause of the problems. So for smooth functioning of transformer and its longevity, simply contact SN Power now!