Transformer Oil Filtration

When transformers are one of the important properties of the power sector then it is highly essential for transformers to work effectively. Transformer not only transmits continuous power, but it also handles voltage fluctuations ensuring uninterrupted operation. For the smooth functioning, transformer oil is needed to maintain its temperature. Transformers absorb dust and moisture from air which creates harmful contaminants and sludge. Therefore to get rid of these harmful contaminants and sludge, regular purification is needed for transformer oil. With the transformer oil filtration process, the life of the transformer enhances and it works smoothly.

Benefits of Oil Filtration

Oil filtration is highly essential for the longevity of the transformer and its flawless operation. Some of the benefits of oil filtration are:

  • Maintain the high temperature
  • Manage the voltage fluctuations
  • Minimize breakdown voltage
  • Boost moisture contents
  • Reduce dust particles and sludge
  • Increase life of transformer
  • Minimize resistivity

Transformer Dehydration and Filtration

For the uninterrupted operation, it is highly important to remove the sludge and moisture from the body of the transformer. During dehydration, the transformer is dried up so that you can remove the sludge and moisture from winding. Transformer Dehydration is one of the best methods to boost the efficiency of the transformer. On the other hand, filtration is a process to eradicate the solid elements of oil. Both methods are highly essential in smooth operation of transformers as they simply boost the BDV and Resistivity of Transformer’s oil.